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Lost Gods is like Robert Johnson singing ghostly blues on the shores of a haunted river in Hell. It’s like Dante played out in muggy rural graveyards and the depths of Purgatory on the eve of a demonic war. Lost Gods is an adventure tale and a mythic odyssey. It’s the kind of story lovers whisper in stolen cars burning rubber from this world down to the very edge of the Abyss. —Richard Kadrey, New York Times bestselling author of the Sandman Slim series

Brom effortlessly weaves classical mythology with modern nightmares in this beautifully twisted hell ride. Heartwrenching, operatic, and stunningly illustrated, LOST GODS is a dark gem of a novel. —Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of SNOWBLIND

It's just not fair, I tell you! I've been watching Brom effortlessly create some of the most beautiful, provocative covers in the fantasy genre for decades now. He's a storyteller with his artwork, and in a very elite class. Now he decided to invade my turf with "Lost Gods," a novel that winds into surprises and unexpected triumphs as much as the corners of his artwork. — R.A. Salvatore, New York Times best selling author 

Set in a Dantean world both hauntingly alien and strangely familiar, Brom's LOST GODS sets a harrowing course between damnation and redemption. A hell of a read! —Ari Berk, Author of the Undertaken Trilogy

One of Brom’s many gifts is a vivid, unique imagination that thrives in the dark frontiers where madness and courage meet. In Lost Gods, he drops a flawed but worthy hero into a mythological maelstrom, then sets him fighting for stakes that only grow more desperate and personal with each victory. It’s a thrilling and engaging tale on every level, and the ending will have you digging your fingernails into the book cover. Don’t miss it! —Troy Denning, New York Times best selling author



About the book

496 page novel published by Harper Collins, accompanied by 18 illustrations

A young man descends into Purgatory to save his wife and unborn child in this gorgeous, illustrated novel of wonder and terror from the mind of master storyteller and acclaimed artist Brom.


Fresh out of jail and eager to start a new life, Chet Moran and his pregnant wife, Trish, leave town to begin again. But an ancient evil is looming, and what seems like a safe haven may not be all it appears . . .

Snared and murdered by a vile, arcane horror, Chet quickly learns that pain and death are not unique to the living. Now the lives and very souls of his wife and unborn child are at stake.To save them, he must journey into the bowels of purgatory in search of a sacred key promised to restore the natural order of life and death. Alone, confused, and damned, Chet steels himself against the unfathomable terrors awaiting him as he descends into death’s stygian blackness.

With Lost Gods, Brom’s gritty and visceral prose takes us on a haunting, harrowing journey into the depths of the underworld. Thrust into a realm of madness and chaos, where ancient gods and demons battle over the dead, and where cabals of souls conspire to overthrow their masters, Chet plays a dangerous game, risking eternal damnation to save his family.



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