Note to fans, clergy, and lesbian vampires: Due to the wonderful onslaught of mail, I can no longer reply with a personal note to each individual and get any painting done. I do want to pass along that I read each and every letter and am continually flattered and appreciative of the praise, support and interest in my work.

Feel free to send along your thoughts or inquires (professional, pleasant, demented, or other) directly to Brom at

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Brom at your school or business - Brom has a very entertaining and educational lecture presentation and loves to make private, corporate and school appearances. For rates and details please email.

Card signings - Brom is happy to sign any art related items (and sometimes odd body parts) at conventions, but at this time cannot sign items through the mail.

Linking to BromArt - Yes, by all means! And thank you.

Web Use of Art - With the exception of certain art gallery sites we can not grant permission to use Brom's art on sites due to conflicts with existing licenses. Phooey, I know.

Licensing of Brom's images - Yes, that's how he makes his living. If you would like to license some of Brom's work email us for details.


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